October 25, 2018 Deciding Where to Start: Convalescing the Cabinets

Deciding Where to Start: Convalescing the Cabinets

When I first purchased my 2004 Keystone Mountaineer travel trailer, which I cleverly named the Mountain, the possibilities for renovation work were endless. Pictures or it didn’t happen? Just you wait and see! The interior was not a glamorous sight, to say the least, and my ideas to transform the space were flowing.

My first project was to paint all of the cabinets, which included the kitchen, book shelf, entertainment center, bathroom, and bedroom. I began by removing the cabinet doors and priming everything for a fresh start. We’ll approach this one step at a time, starting off with the kitchen cabinets.

What was most difficult about the process was the act of sanding. I used way too much primer on the kitchen cabinets, which led to large primer bumps almost everywhere!

After they were properly sanded to achieve a smooth and consistent texture, I began to paint with the beautiful “Icy Breeze” paint color selected from Lowe’s.

The before and after pictures of the cabinets with primer vs. the icy breeze paint color are astounding!

Best of all, though, was when they were hung up once again.

To finalize the process, the handles were spray painted black. A coat of clear gloss was applied, later, to preserve the black spray paint.

Although the entire process transforming the kitchen cabinets took weeks, it was well worth it in the end!

Next up, the bookshelf! I hold this space near to my heart, as I have an extensive book collection on Austrian Economics, Philosophy, Ethics, etc.

Such regarded topics pertaining to intellectual thought deserve to be featured in a beautiful space. I found a product allowing glitter powder to be added into paint and decided to include it in all spaces painted black. This included the book shelf, bedroom cabinets, and border trim.

I also added a shiny paper print to the back of the bookshelf wall to cover up the wallpaper resting there previously. Seek and Hobby Lobby shall provide!

The entertainment center was pretty straight forward! Much less work than the kitchen, so I had this task on lock!

For the bathroom it was the same story, different room! The icy breeze paint color really opens up the space in smaller rooms like this.

 And lastly…

The Bedroom before:

The BedroomAfter:

Which aspect of PERMA does this relate to? You guessed it! Accomplishment.