October 25, 2018 Laying Floor: What a chore!

Laying Floor: What a chore!

Remove old tile and carpet. Lay new flooring perfectly in place. Sounds like a simple task, right? Wrong! We’re about 5-6 weeks into the renovation project, at this point, and the floors are ..::finally::.. ready to for placement.

There were so many options of flooring to choose from! I asked N.P. for his advice via a Facebook video message, and he was quick to reply back with his artist opinion!

We went with a gray-brown color to accentuate the light colored wall paint. I purchased “Casa Italia” 6’ x 24’ vinyl tile flooring from Lowe’s, which offered the ease of peel and stick.

The first step was to remove the old carpet from the bedroom and outdated tile from the remaining living quarters.

Before even thinking about laying down the floor tile, I vacuumed thoroughly with a shop vac to remove any and all debris from the subfloor.

Next, I had to determine which direction would best accentuate my 32 foot long travel trailer. Should we place the tiles down vertically, or horizontally?

We went horizontal. I’m pleased with this decision as it aided in making the Mountain feel like a wider space. The bedroom was completed first with the bathroom, living area, and kitchen next in line….

And then there was the lawnmower incident… All great projects inevitably experience a set back or two. Or three. Or….

What happens when a lawnmower runs over the cord supplying power to the Mountain? You guessed it! No electricity, meaning no AC. Not a great recipe for the Texas heat + renovation work. This accident was quite a setback for our timeline to complete the floors, although we quickly learned how to fix the power cord and purchased the necessary equipment needed to do so.

I’ll post an in depth blog all about the unexpected RV purchases I encountered throughout this process. I will also post about the transition to convert the Mountain into a net-zero off-grid structure, although this project will be in the works for a while longer.

I had never taken on such a task and am eternally grateful that N.P. offered his assistance to execute this project! His keen attention to detail and precision is (literally) the only reason the flooring is now flawless.

Are you gaining the sense of distaste I had for this project? In the end, it was well worth the persistence as the floors now look stunning!