October 25, 2018 Overhaul Each Wall: Paint, Backsplash & Decorating

Overhaul Each Wall: Paint, Backsplash & Decorating

From camper to glamper! Upon purchasing the Mountain, the interior decor was a hot mess. Initially, the walls were covered in an outdated sandy wallpaper, featuring a thick and deep blue border.

I knew that I needed to cover this wall paper, and determined that a coat of primer and white paint would do the trick! I used the same icy breeze color as the cabinets, although I requested from the Lowe’s paint department that the blue-ish hue be toned down 90% to match the cabinets, yet have a lighter appearance. There was a lot of surface area to cover, so I recruited help from some friends!

Will helped me start off with a full coat of primer in the living room area.

Dustin joined us for a full work day where we finished painting the primer on the living room, bathroom, and bedroom walls.

After the primer was dry, we worked on the main coat of white paint to complete the look! The light color transformed the space and made The Mountain feel like a much larger living area.

N.P. primed up the kitchen walls so that the backsplash tile could, eventually, be placed on top.

My most favorite project from the entire renovation overhaul was the kitchen and bathroom backsplash.

I picked out my favorite designs that I found at Lowe’s and started to apply the peel and stick tile as if it were a puzzle. So much easier than using grout!

It was nice to use the peel and stick backsplash tile due to the small space we were working with, as other backsplash tile can be over an inch thick. It was also much more affordable to go down this route!

The ceilings were stained and nasty! We worked quickly to paint over the spots on the ceiling that were less than attractive. It was important that this was finished while the old tile floor was still in place.

What happens after the walls are painted and dry? Decorations! N.P. and I had a blast adding cute decor throughout the mountain. To make the space feel larger, we added 2 long mirrors to the bedroom wall.

Next, we placed a “Welcome” sign at the entrance wall, accompanied by a lizard decoration, which holds sentimental value. Eventually, I added a “Peace” mural to this same space. Cheers to that!

Figuring out the light fixtures is still in the works as RV’s necessitate 12v bulbs… I ended up returning the light fixture in the photo above, due to the voltage discrepancy.

At the end of the project, the walls were spotless and our efforts completely transformed the space! The mountain felt so much larger with the white wall paint. The backsplash tiles and decorations made each room feel unique and glamorous. I could officially, and with full confidence, call my small home a glamper.