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Rebecca Powers is an activist, consultant, event planner, and eco-blogger based in Central Texas. She currently serves as President of the Center for Natural Living and operates PERMApowers, a consulting firm and blog with a focus on well-being, personal + business development, and sustainable living.

Powers earned a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts from Purdue University. She primarily studied Media & Public communication, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and also Political Science. These areas of study led her upon a career path in public policy, with a focus on free market economics, electronic privacy, refugee integration, and fluoride-free activism. After a brief stint with free market think tanks, a political consulting firm, and a U.S. Senate campaign, Powers pursued a route of entrepreneurship while serving as a pillar of a successful natural products company. In addition to her skills in business development, she has prior experience with event management, promotions, digital marketing, sales, and directing communications.